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Tara Froehlich


Tara is a costume designer and makeup artist. She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where she fell in love with storytelling through art, fantasy novels, tv, and film. 

Starting in High School, Tara took classes at Kosart Atelier where she developed her SFX makeup skills. Throughout college, Tara worked as the lead makeup artist, production designer, and costume designer on many short films at The Second City Film School.


She joined the fashion program at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago and quickly realized that the way to combine her love of storytelling and fashion was through costume design. Since then, she has been focusing on costuming, working on multiple films, and photo shoots since graduating. She currently lives in Los Angeles.


California Institute of the Arts

Masters of Fine Arts

Graduating May 2025

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Graduated May 2021


2018 - Raymond Hund Millinery Award- Second Place

2019 - Doodle Art & Design New Student Hat Award

2020 - Raymond Hund Millinery Award- First Place

2021 - Graduating Student Leadership - Honorable Mention Award



Wealth and Hellness (Dir. Luna Izpisua Rodriguez) - Costume Designer - Fall 2023

Night of the Falling Stars (Dir. Annalee Traylor) - Assistant Costume Designer - Winter 2023

The Sea Gull (Dir. Zoë Wamg) - Assistant Costume Designer - Fall 2022

Hip Hop Clowns or (The Innocent Revelation of Passion) (Dir. Nico Swan) - Costume Designer for Vox and Hendrie the Dancing Clown - Spring 2021

Commissioned Beading Project - October - December 2019

Glitter Land (Dir. Kurt Jolly) - Head Makeup Artist - July 2019

Masterpiece (Dir. Ian Mullen) - Set Designer / Head Makeup Artist / Costumes - October 2018

Of Menses and Men (Dir. Alexandra Robbins) - Special FX Makeup Artist - June 2018

Meat Cutes, Annoyance Theater- Commissioned Coat - December - January 2018

Dingus Wishes (Dir. Elvira Ibragimova) - Assistant Makeup Artist - October 2017

The Handsy Craftsman (Dir. Logan Bowes) - Head Makeup Artist - August 2017

The Most Important Thing (Dir. Alex Mangen) - Special FX Makeup Artist - July 2017

The Deadbeat (Dir. Ed Heffernan) - Special FX Makeup Artist - April 2017

Second City Film School Headshots - Head Makeup Artist - February 2017


2020 - The HatMagazine August Issue

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